Player Guide

Stuff You Can Do:

  • Explore 2 randomly generated, slowly rotating planets.
  • Add/destroy terrain on a planet.
  • Check out the sun (you can land on it without dying, for now).
  • Orbit a planet or the sun in a jet.

Default Controls:


W, A, S, D: Move in different directions.

Space: Jump.

Mouse: Look around.

Primary Mouse Button: Destroy terrain.

Secondary Mouse Button: Replace terrain.



Secondary Mouse Button: Enter/exit the jet.

Z: Toggle free-look.

While Landed:

Space: Start engine and get a vertical boost to take off.

While Flying:

W: Increase forward thrust.

S: Decrease forward thrust.

A: Roll left.

D: Roll right.

Space: Apply upward strafing thrust.

Left Shift: Apply downward strafing thrust.

Mouse: Control pitch and yaw.

Pro Tips:


You can’t take fall damage yet, so feel free to skydive!


You can bail out of a jet at any time by exiting it. A jet’s thrust will decrease to 0% automatically when you exit it.

Alternatively, you can land a jet by decreasing its forward thrust to 0% and ceasing to apply any upward/downward strafing thrust while it’s touching ground.